Apr 18, 2010

Happy Sunday! And The Winner Is???????????

I know this is what everyone has been waiting for so I am now going to announce the winner of the hugs and Kisses quilt,

Randy Green Congrats and it just so happens they live in Minnesota so I might be able to meet little Masha! Remember there is a bell quilt and a whole new set of pictures are going on that! Even little miss Lera! I will post with progress! Hope all had fun and remember if there is someone special you want on the bell quilt just let me know! I will make it happen!

God Bless and pray for our family we are still 1000 dollars short of what we need right now and need to raise it like yesterday! I will be crying on Monday as I sold my fancy Bernina the other day in order to pay the fees I need right now. I prayed about it and Lera means more to us than any fancy sewing machine. I have to mail it tommrow so it might be a little wet from my tears! Please pray that we raise the other 1000.oo very soon! God will provide he has thus far! God bless and I will post pictures of the bell quilts progress. Lots of pictures on this one! It will be a nice keepsake for someone!

God Bless and keep the prayers coming!

Congrats to Masha Green!

Love the Dinnings

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  1. Wow, congratulations! This is an awesome quilt...I wish I could have gotten in on this drawing!