Apr 15, 2010

Quilt Fundraiser!

Ok for all of you who have donated to the hugs and kisses quilt here is an update!

I pick up the quilt tonite from the quilters and will post a picture. I will draw the winning name on Friday after I post all who have donated to make sure my list has all the proper names on it! Once the winning name is picked I will post it here!
so please watch the blog so that you can provide me with an address to send it to!

Thanks to all who donated and good luck.

Remember in about two weeks there will be the bell quilt and all new pictures are on it so watch for that someone special on that quilt and fell free to bid on it!

I am sorry for not posting much but I am getting a bit discourged.. I keep running into walls with the paperwork and that has taken up alot of my time.

I also had my heart broken the other day as my 18 year old decided to contact his birth mother and sprung it on me that he wanted to go live with her for the last two months before he left for the Military. I understand now why he did not tell me he has been talking to her on facebook for three months and it was because he did not want to hurt my feelings. I told him he has hurt me more by doing this without talking to me but he is 18 and has alot of unanswered questions. His birth father died last year and all he has left for getting answers is the birth mother. I don't trust her but do trust my son and pray for him everyday! Adoption is a life long road with lots of pot holes along the way but you just fill them and drive over them onto the next one. I love all my kids and that will never change.

God Bless The Dinnings


  1. So today is the last day for the fundraiseR? I hope that it was successful for you.

  2. I just found your blog, it's 1:52am here and I felt drawn to say "this, about that". I am Aly's future Grandma, and can't wait. But, I wanted to share something with you. Please do not feel heartbroken about your son's desire to spend time with his birth mom. I know the timing is horrid for you but please be steadfast in the knowledge that you've provided a loving home and loving parents his entire life, and that endures forever. At an age where kids seek what they don't know, he's being true to being a teen. What will be find? That he was given the most awesome gift a child could have: a wonderful mom and dad and a chance for a better life! Do not be sad. Though painful now, he will come to you and let you know how blessed he's been, because of his mom & dad (you and your hubby)! Don't despair, remember God's at the helm!

  3. i've been praying for lera for three years now, and am just so curious to find out if she is home with her family yet. please excuse the intrusion, but if you could give me an update it would mean so much. votemom@yahoo.com