Mar 11, 2010

Good Evening Everyone.

Just a follow-up to the quilt! We would perfer that you use the chip in on this site as we are adoptiong from Russia and have a great deal of initial exprense and with this it will create less hardship on the family with your donations. I do want to tell you that your donation is not tax deductable using the chip in. I want this be a gift from the heart in order for Lera to come home so if you feel it in your heart to help out your reward is greater. There are so many children on Reeces Rainbow and believe me if we could adopt more than one we would but we are not in a place to do that right now. God brought us here to Reeces Rainbow and will bring Lera to us if it is his will. We have had many signs so far that is is right and lets hope they keep coming as to put no doubt in our minds weather we are doing the right thing. We thanks each and everyone that finds it in there heart to help in our venture!

God Bless
The Dinnings

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