Mar 24, 2010

Hello and Good Morning!

I have finished the first of two quilts!
This one is called Hugs and Kisses

I have 16 hug and kisses blocks on this quilt that are not spoken for so if you
would like to committ to a block feel free to email me at

These are a few pictures that inspired me when I first visited Recees Rainbow!

I hope you like it!

Hugs and Kisses Mona


  1. Hi my name is Sarah, I have a little boy named Braeden who has Down Syndrome. I belong to a forum for parents with children who have DS and through that site found Reeces Rainbow, and through Reeces Rainbow, beautiful Lera. I was just devasted when I heard she had lost her faimly, I brought her picture home and prayed every day that she would find a new forever family, I even went so far as checking into adopting her, but my husband has been out of work for almost a year and it was just not possible! All of that to say I am so excited for your family and your soon to be newest member!! My heart felt so full when I read the words that Lera had a family! I will continue to pray for Lera and your family as you take this amazing journey!!! Blessing to you all!!

  2. Sarah right now we have to love Lera from afar but she is in each one of our hearts! I have loved her since I saw her on RR and can not wait to bring her home! I will always post pictures of her progress and hope you will continue to follow our Journey!

    With Love the Dinnings

  3. That is the most beautiful quilt I have ever seen. God Bless You and every one of God's precious children who need their family to come and get them... I have been following a local family's journey to their daughter thru Reece's Rainbow, and that got me scouring the site as well. All those little faces... I see you have little Joel (31) - blue overalls - on that quilt! LOVE LOVE LOVE his little sweet face. PLEASE someone come and get him. Just look at that face!! XOXO May God work a miracle for every one of those children... ever praying.

  4. Hello Dinning family,
    I think of you often and your newest jounery.
    Hope all is going well. Keep in touch.
    Vickie Cross