Mar 11, 2010

Good Morning Everyone!

Welcome to the Dinnings fundraiser for Lera!

Attached are two pictures of Lera's quilt block for the quilt we are making. I hope it looks like a bell. I used the bell pattern because I was remimded of the line "Every time a bell rings and angel gets their wings". One quilt will be bells and the other hearts. I picked these blocks as they are easy to make and come togather fast!

For a twenty five dollar donation you can have your adoptive childs photo in the quilt! If you wish you may also sponsor a child still waiting. Just give me the childs name and I will make the block in your families name! If you have adopted more than one child and have a photo you wish to use other than the one on Reeces Rainbow just email me at the below email address and attach the photo in your email, I will take it from there! I have 120 block spaces available and once all blocks are spoken for and the quilt is done I will have Reeces Rainbow staff draw a name of all the people who have brought blocks and that person will recieve the quilt. This would be a nice keep sake quilt for any family and when you look at all the children you can be reminded of all Gods good work in finding these children families! Please help us in this fundraiser in order for us to bring Lera home where she belongs! If you have any questions or want to send me a photo please email me at

Thanks and God Bless!


  1. Or you could give it to one of the ladies who does so much to help us all. :-)

    Where's the information on how to contribute to this fundraiser?

  2. Good Idea Chris! Never thought of that! I think for right now I am just worried I wont have enough people to join to complete the quilts!


  3. i'd like to participate. i've been lera's RR Prayer Partner for two years and she kind of feels like a member of the family since her picture has been on our kitchen window sill for so long.

    i'd like to have a photo of my new little girl i was matched with now that lera has been matched with your family. her name is vika.

    can you email me and give me details of how to send my money? that way i'll have your address and i can email you vika's pic.

    thanks so much!
    vought at wowway dot com